Before putting your Jeweled G on please open the sliders on the sides of the panty to give yourself enough room then pull up the panty and re-adjust the sliders if necessary. (This will put less pressure on the gems) The panty should be pushed down in the front and pulled up in the back exposing the gems. The gems should stop on your tailbone and only the elastic should end up in your Derriere. Remember “Up in the Back and not in your Crack”!

The Jeweled G’s come with an EXTRA row of pearls, beads or chain. This EXTRA piece is meant so the G can be worn as the necklace. You may wear it with the Jeweled G as well but keep in mind the ones that come with a more delicate EXTRA chain (Rose G) should not be worn across your back as it is too delicate.)

The Pearl G’s have a 10 – 13 lb. grab force test for those of you who like to “Swing from the Chandeliers”!!!

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...remember you're not just getting a G-String!
Because Jeweled G’s
G-strings are ALSO
a necklace!


These sexy Jeweled G g strings will dazzle your admirers as well as your backside. Each Jeweled G g-string can be detached from the panty and the jewelry portion can be worn as a necklace! (Also makes it easier to launder the panty without harming the jewels) And PLEASE don’t reserve these delightful panties for the Boudoir only, let them see the light of day peeking out from your low rise jeans, sexy back- revealing dress, or from your leathers as your riding down the road on two wheels.

Blue Denim
(Powder Blue Panty)

Flower shaped blue crystal center with blue sodalite gems. This style looks especially nice with a pair of jeans.

Racy Red
(Red Panty)

Flower shaped red crystal center with carnelian or Jasper gems. These gems are red hot!

Beaded G
(Nude panty)

Round crystal open center with synthetic or glass beads. The beads are goldish brown. This is a perfect choice for a simple look. Limited supply

B-Fly Blue
(Powder Blue Panty)

Butterfly shaped crystal center with powder blue pearls. So cute!

B-Fly Pink
(Pale Pink Panty)

Butterfly shaped pink crystal center with pale pink pearls.

Be Fun!

Classic Cameo
Colors: Powder Blue, Pale Pink, White, Black/white mix )

Cameo center piece made of a resin material along with dyed to match pearls and crystals. These are definitely not your grannies panties! Comes with a matching panty color.

( Pale pink panty
Limited Edition (while supplies last)

A gorgeous Rose shaped pink crystal center with more tiny pink crystals added. This is one gorgeous piece and one beautiful necklace! Be Jeweled!

Bella Fleur
Colors: Pink (Pictured), Blue, Gold (comes with matching panty color))

Tiny delicate cut flowers mixed with rhinestones/crystals. Cute and sexy!

Enamel Flower Pink: $45.00
(Pink Panty)

Flower shaped pink crystal center with an enamel flower over lay along with three pink enamel and crystal flowers and dyed pink pearls. Very dainty and beautiful!

Enamel Flower Gold: $45.00
(Nude Panty)

Flower shaped gold crystal center with an enamel flower over lay along with three gold enamel and crystal flowers and dyed gold pearls. Wow what a gorgeous one, a real knockout!

Biker G
Please specify color

Heart/Cross center on a thick base metal link chain in a silver color. This is for the girl on two wheels! this one looks great on all colors.

Biker Cross
Please specify color

Black onyx cross center on a thick base metal link chain in a silver color. Comes on a black panty or you may choose any panty color. If you love crosses you will love this one for sure!

White Cross:
(White panty)

A Mother of pearl cross shaped center with white mother of pearl beads. Heavenly!

Pink or Turquoise
(comes with matching panty.)

This beautiful Jeweled G is made with crystals and set in a triangle shape. This one’s a real eye catcher!

Pink Pearl

Special: (While supplies last)

This Jeweled G is made with pink pearls and comes on a pale pink panty. This style does NOT turn into a necklace. It is a G-string only. Very feminine.

Rhinestone Heart

Colors: Dark Red (Red Panty Pink (Pink Panty)
Crystal Clear (pictured)

Small rhinestones with an open heart rhinestone center, the look of diamonds. Looks best on a Red panty but the choice is yours.

Order Extra Panties!

Yummy Edible Panties

Get a Surprise!

Extra Panties
Variety of colors: Pale pink, powder blue, white, nude, hot pink , black, red or turquoise.

Our Jeweled G’s come with a panty to match the gems. If you would like to choose a different color panty please specify what color you would like. You can also order extra panties in different colors to mix and match with your Jeweled G.

Adjustable sliding straps makes the panty One size fits most. (0-16)

Edible Sweet G Refill Pack:

(one candy string per pack)

If you just purchased one of our Jeweled G’s and would like to turn it into an Edible candy g just use the candy replacement string and attach it to your fabric panty.


"Candy string only"
panty not included with refills

Edible Sweet G’s:
Please choose panty color:
Pale Pink, Powder Blue, White, Hot Pink or Turquoise

Yummmy! Pastel colored sugar candies on a fabric panty. Be edible!

Michele’s Choice:

It’s a surprise and you won’t be disappointed! Having a hard time making a decision? Let me help you out. I will choose one of my Jeweled G’s for you. It could be something pictured here or a one of a kind. You never know it could even be two! Be daring!

-- All orders are shipped priority mail with a delivery confirmation.

-- Orders are shipped out within 7 – 10 business days of receipt.
-- International shipping charges are EXTRA please email for us for a price.
-- Jeweled Gs g-strings are not sold without the panty.
-- Intimate apparel is NOT returnable.
-- All sales are FINAL.
-- Jeweled Gs G-Strings are a PATENTED product.
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